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Eleanor Rigby

April 28, 1966
Time: 2:04

Lead Vocal: Paul McCartney
John Lennon: Vocal
Paul McCartney: Vocal
George Harrison: Vocal
Ringo Starr: -

Additional musicians:
Tony Gilbert: First violin, Sidney Sax: Violin, John Sharpe: Violin, Jurgen Hess: Violin, Stephen Shingles: Viola, John Underwood: Viola, Derek Simpson: Cello, Norman Jones: Cello

Released on:
Parlophone R 5493 45 Mono
Parlophone PCS 7009 Revolver LP Stereo
Parlophone PMC 7009 Revolver LP Mono
Parlophone PCS 7016 A Collection Of Beatles Oldies LP Stereo
Parlophone PMC 7016 A Collection Of Beatles Oldies LP Mono