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Parlophone 45-R 4949

Released: 1962-10-05    Mono

First press matrix side 1: 7XCE 17144-1N
First press matrix side 2: 7XCE 17145-1N

Side 1     Matrix: 7XCE 17144
Love Me Do

Side 2     Matrix: 7XCE 17145
P.S. I Love You

Matrix 7XCE 17144-1N - Ringo on Drums and No Tambourine Version.
Matrix 7XCE 17144-2N - Andy White on drums version with Ringo on tambourine.

The very first copies has tax code "ZT". "ZT" was replaced by "PT" 26th November 1962.
Some copies has nothing printed under the "£" logo, some copies have "MADE IN GT. BRITAIN" under the "£" logo.
In January 1963 EMI moved to the more familiar black label. In March 1963 EMI dropped the "45" prefix.